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the united states economy. the price and economic impact would be much greater if these occurred. we hope that this paper which is a departure from the focus of most papers on the consequences of a nuclear iran or a nuclear capable iran will trigger a new discussion and enable an expanded debate on the topic. i would like to introduce michael, the foreign policy director of the bpc, a former oil analyst to boot. he directed this effort and will review some of the key findings. he will introduce our very distinguished panel. mike. >> thank you, senator. thank you everyone for coming. as the senator said, the purpose of this report is really to trigger a debate. we are not suggesting that we have all of the answers, but we wanted to introduce a new dimension to the debate about iran about preventing a nuclear iran. we are not -- focusing on the economics, we are not suggesting the economic issues should drive united states policy one way or another. but it has definitely come up in the debate. it has been raised, certainly in terms of let us say about the impact on sanctions and military, s
are approached or anything happens in your professional lives with the united states government that you have any questions about, please come to this committee. we take the work of whistle- blowers and people who give testimony very seriously. you have been critical to bring out things which would not have -- which would not have come out to. i will close with two comments. that i took away from today. he did not produce security at -- you do not reduce security at the -- the same time as you are increasing hazardous duty pay. it does not make sense. i have not heard that question asked and answered. i only heard that it occurred. i think the state department to take away from today and understanding that that sends a message that says, we will pay you for the risk. we will not pay to have you made safer. that is the impression that anyone would get if you reduce the staffing below recommendations or request an increase the pay. i do not think the men and women who service overseas want. i know the compensation for hardship is important, but safety comes first. i have the marine fellow who work
assistance today, we will be able to take a broad look at how the arab world is looking at the united states and the u.s. public is looking at the arab world as the arab awakening continues to create a very uncertain and very fast changing environment. so, i am grateful to all of you for coming and look forward to our discussion and at this point i would like to invite shibley telhami to the podium to present the poll. >> thanks a lot, tammie. it's always great to be here. i'm going to just present not the whole thing but some of the findings so we can get on with the conversation i will present a highlight. i just want to give you a little bit of a picture about this particular poll. it was conducted by knowledge networks sample of 737 that is designed to be a national representative in an internet panel. the methodology is described in the information that we will put all and is also available online. i also want to say that it's really my pleasure and honor to partner to the sinnott program at the university of maryland, and a program for policy international policy attitudes and particul
the campaign coverage and look at folks who serve as role models here in the united states and abroad. there are four change makers, britain's former prime minister tony blair as he puts it, is much too young to consider retirement. he's traveling the world as a global politician and problem solver. then a young woman who survived disaster. she was a swimsuit model when she was caught in the 2004 tsunami. and carolyn miles the ceo to save the children. she's no stranger to educating and feeding kids around the world. but you might be surprised to hear what she's doing to help poor children right here at home. and that brings us to charles best. he has come up with a brilliant way for people who want to donate money for specific projects and public schools. first tony blair why it's so important to continue working and keep an open mind. >> i think the big big battle of the world is between the open mind and the closed mind. the open mind looks at the problem and sees potential and culture and say that's interesting. then there are those who say this is a threat. i want to close it dow
>> the president of the united states doesn't bow. that's why we fought a war oochlt thanks for jo >> thanks for joining us. we are done >>> did the administration have any00 up? >> they panned i could. >> can you briefly speak to us about the attack? >> this is not the appropriate time. >> we are in a stronger position today than we were four years ago. >> does the obama administration have a problem calling it by its name. >> the suggestion that anybody on my team would play politics or mislead is offensive. >> would you have protected ambassador stevens? special report, investigations, death and deceit in benghazi. from washington, d.c., here is bret baier. >> it looked like this election was all about the economy, but that changed when terrorists murdered four americans at the united states consulate in benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11. americans had questions. who did this and how? should our government have seen it coming? did president obama tried to hide the truth? is this a huge scandal that exposes a failed obama foreign policy? is mitt romney just saying it is. tonigh
personal connection. we'll explain. >>> and the most affordable cities to live in the united states. is yours one of them? >>> good morning. i'm lynn berry. after the third debate between president obama and republican nominee mitt romney, there are just 14 days left before american voters choose their next president. according to a cbs news instant polls on uncommitted voters, president obama was a clear 2-1 victor with 53% saying he won. governor romney got 23%. 24% called it a tie. a cnn orc international poll called the debate closer, with 48% saying obama won while 40% picked obama. for more we go to nbc's steve handlesman who's in florida for us. steve, good morning. >> reporter: hi, lynn. thanks. good morning from boca raton, florida. the debate here last night was clearly the most combative so far. though surprising to some, not on the issue of libya. mitt romney was able to make his larger point, his claim that america is weaker now overseas than it was four years ago. mitt romney and barack obama came to their third and final debate tied in national polls, but their tv aud
and political leader imran khan said the drone strikes are fostering hatred of the united states. >> these drone attacks are a violation of international law. these drone attacks are a violation of the human rights of the pakistani people. do we all condemn them? we want to send a message to america, the more drone attacks to carry out, the more the people will grow to hate you and raise their arms against you. our tribal people will not be scared off with drone attacks. >> more than 30 u.s. citizens with the group codepink traveled to pakistan to take part in the march and meet with drone strike victims. >> the illegal, immoral, a brutal attacks on the innocent people of waziristan and the fatah region must in now. these are illegal drone strikes carried out by cia. cia is a civilian organization using military equipment rid this is a war crime. >> they are illegal. they are against international law. they invade the sovereignty of pakistan and they are not productive. >> an u.s. protest held in solidarity with the march in pakistan, 10 people were arrested on friday at the hancock field air na
. >> gavin: 150. -plus countries, every state in the united states. it begs the question with your history and the present work you're doing. what world fundamentally are we living in? >> a transforming one. frankly, in a lot of good ways. i think people are always surprised when they meet me, and they expect someone really gloomy and anxiety-ridden and depressed about the world because i'm covering a lot of things. but on global poverty we're making tremendous progress. on so many of these issues that i care about we're inching progress. global health issues. you know, i remember my first trip to africa, and i remember the thing that horrified me the most was how many blind people there were. every capital you would see these middle aged blind people begging and being led around by their children or likely grandchildren, and it was pretty horrifying. now river blindness has been dramatically reduced partly because of jimmy carter more than anybody else. dracoma also it's is also on its way out. you don't have people in their 30s routinely going blind around the world. so many other elemen
at the mess all over the world they are writing and writing with hatred toward us, toward the united states. when i see that and see the kind of effort he put on to put these people together and make them like us, boy do they hate us it's the exact opposite. i came up with the expression the unlucky president. he is unlucky for this country. not unlucky for himself. if you look at the campaigns and what he did he had a lot of luck on the side. he limped over the finish line. he is unlucky for the country. >> i don't know if it is luck as much as he reads a teleprompter pretty well and they never gave it any scrutiny. nobody closed this election. it's still wide open. that raises the question if you were sitting across not from me but mitt romney you had a mess samming to send mitt what would it be? >> i think they have to get tougher. i think their convention was not good. you thought the democrats did a good job. he was talking about how they picked up something with their convention they are talking about women and unmarried women and the married women. they are working hard the democrats
is inconceivable that the president of the united states was unaware of the facts that were obvious to the intelligence community. how could he have not known and if he didn't know, who kept that information from him? >> governor, that is the duty of inquiry. you ran a government. you understand and i think particularly where there is notice and now you should be getting real time that -- that give accurate and actual information. this is the same paradigm we are seeing i fast and furious e the response is well, we didn't know anything about it. and you can't be able to be held unaccountable because you choose not to listen to those who have information to bring to you. and i'm being kind when i say choose not to listen. i think there is a duty of inquire arery. there is a duty of responsibility when something that significant that had to be one of the most important things the federal government was is responding to at that moment and for them to say that they aren't aware of the circumstances suggests one of two things. either incompetentence or are misrepresentation. >> mike: i
of being president of the united states i applaud colin for standing with him. >> geraldo: in the supercharged preelection climate the comments by donald trump and john i sanunu have some crying racism. the associated press running a story right now that says 51% of americans now express a up from 48% in 2008.ck is that complicating the president's rekey election efforts? >> i just don't think that we know, geraldo. i think that when people oft oen wonder whether or not voters are honest with pollsters when they call when they are talking about black candidates. i just think the president s an incumbent now. he has a record he has to run on and defend. i really don't believe that colin powell would buck his party again and stick with president obama simply because he also s a black man. i just -- i think that this is not necessarily something that is going really sway this election. it is something to talk about which, in a very close election everything becomes an issue in the final couple weeks. we haven't been in an election this tight in so long and both sides are frea
they are candidates for the united states senate are going to do when they get elected and whether or not they are going to have seniors to bear the burden of saving social security or whether we're going to s. those who have done very well by this economy. linda mcmahon is right. she's refused to tell people what she would do about social security when she's been out in public on the campaign trail. but she has told people what she is in favor of doing when she didn't think the cameras were on, when she was speaking before a tea party group, she said, and i quote, i believe in subset provisions would pass this legislation. you can take a look at 10 or 15 years down the road. i disagree with that. i don't think we should play games of nick and barbara social security checks. we should fix the problem, but not put our senior social security paychecks at risk in doing it. i think we have an obligation of candidates for the senate to tell people what we're going to do. she said she's going to get demagogues. but the way of saying she's going to lose votes. you might lose votes if you
. he seemed like the president of the united states in full grasp of the fact. mitt romney seemed like somebody with 15 minutes of material trying to spread it out over 45 minutes. he seem to have this wonderful gift to string together words that mean nothing. i wrote down a couple of them as i was watching with my family. first answer, we need a comprehensive and robust strategy and we need to coordinate with our friends to address the rising tide of tumult. what does that mean? how can somebody who claim to be the president and give out vacuous nonsense like that? >> eliot: let me ask you this. there's no question that over the last several weeks florida has been moving toward mitt romney. what do you ascribe that to? the unemployment rate there. is it 8.7? can the president remedy that? >> well, i think that it's been more than anything, the impact of the lies concerning the president's plan regarding the healthcare plan. i think that the fact that the other side has been pounding with ad after ad after ad this
the leaders of iran on notice that the united states and our friends and allies will prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. i'll not hesitate to impose new sanctions on iran and will tighten the sanctions we currently have. i'll restore the permanent presence of air cast carrier task forces in the eastern mediterranean and the gulf. i'll work with israel to increase our military assistance and coordination for the sake of peace we must make clear to iran through actions, not just words, that their nuclear pursuit will not be tolerated. >> despite his criticism that president obama has not slowed iran's nuclear ambition, mr. romney's plan isn't a lot different from that of the presidents. you can see here. the current administration has increased sanctions along with the western rorld and vowed to prevent iran from getting atomic weapons. there are also a few differences between the candidates when it comes to cooperation with israel. and the drawdown of u.s. forces from afghanistan. on the middle east peace process, romney sounded decidedly more optimistic than he did
it make these candidates look tough, aggressive, as you would have to be as president of the united states, or does it look like kids having a fist fight in the school yard? which tack do you think they need to take? >> i think the key, is if you can have a debate and argue your points of view, it's more effective behind a podium, having the freedom to wander around the stage and get in each others' face is uncomfortable. but this is about the issues. both men know the issues. one has to defend his positions and the other has to indict him. >> shannon: let's take a quick look at the real clear politics average of the national presidential polls. there is another one today that may not be factored in. but essentially, a dead heat. president obam a47.1% and governor romney 47% tcould not be any closer without being an actual, literal tie. does either one break away? does the final foreign policy debate shift any undecided viewers? >> if i was running the romney campaign, which obviously, i am not and karl rove is a great master, we would be very comfortable with the romney campaign and build
mistakes. >> it all seems abstract. >> obama: the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> i acknowledge the president's success and i think he has every right to take credit. >> this president's policies have not been equal to global leadership. >> obama campaign releasing a new ad. >> reckless, amateurish. >> he has been erratic. >> a new poll showing romney slightly ahead. >> the new poll. >> conservatives are saying we're not going fight with him now. we're going to wait until after the election. >> cenk: now, you all remember the good ol' days, before the first presidential debate when president obama was comfortably up. in a gallup poll he was up by five points. and a certain talk show host made this prediction. >> so barring a major miracle i'm calling the election right now. it's already over. >> cenk: oops. the gallup poll out today 47%-47%. for those of you math-challenged, that would be a tie. what did i say again? it's already over. >> cenk: oh, boy. now, that was just one poll. i have other polls for you. gallup, as i just showed you the 47-
of the bankruptcy code would have serious adverse consequences for the financial stability of the united states. i'm not going to go through all but if you look of the statute is in section 203 of dodd-frank but also the company has to meet the definition of the financial company under the statute. so, once that determination is made the company can consent on the point of receiver they are given notice and if they don't consent, then there is a process. here in d.c. the u.s. district court in d.c. for the judicial review they have 24 hours the case is under seal, the court has 24 hours after receiving the petition. if the court doesn't act within that 24 hours, the appointment is effective as an adderall. the decision to allow the appointment is not subject to stay if it goes up on appeal. once appointed they have broad authority similar to that we have in the financial and institutions under the fbi act and sola to the superpower over the last 75 plus years to resolve the financial institutions in a way that doesn't this route the competence and the financial system to resolve the power was incl
in the early relations member of the intelligence community. while on active duty in the united states air force, general mcfalls served on many assignments including director of operations for the air training command, deputy director of the air force that this liaison and commander to the air force's largest f-15 unit, the tactical fighter wing. he is a bachelor of science and aeronautical engineering from the united states air force academy. i think i've heard of them somewhere. in the masters of science and aerospace engineering in the university of michigan. would you welcome general john mcfalls. [applause] >> i didn't know that part was happening because i had the easy part. it is an honor and privilege to introduce the keynote speaker today and for the company that jian-li was just talking about, the national security partners to be affiliated and co-sponsored with this very prestigious and influential organization, the potomac institute for policy studies. as the tagline states behind me we are difference makers. national security partners have been supporting many of the organiza
of the united states. the combined population of this country is roughly 21% of the total population of the united states, but that conglomeration of states is who gets to pick our next president. which means the equivalent of a country the size of france is deciding who the president is of a country the size of us. that little france-sized country gets tons and tons of attention now, to the point where even smallish population centers within this tiny bollous of states get lavish attention from the candidates. they even end up being the subjects of the candidates' flattering word play. >> as i was coming in, i got to meet the principal and the superintendent and i was saying, i stopped on the way down at a diner, had some breakfast, and someone said to me, ohioan said, where you coming from? and i said, dayton. they said, where you going? i said, marion. he said, i read in the paper, you said you love ohio. and that must be true, you've gone from dayton, ohio, to ma marrying ohio. i said, i never thought of it that way, i didn't think i was marrying y'all, but it's great to be here.
challenging to regulate in a world where virtually nothing stops at our fiscal borders of the united states. and it's so particularly to in financial markets where the velocity with which money and transaction pass around the world is quite extraordinary. and so we can't assume that we can do only what we think works in the u.s. markets, although clearly the u.s. markets are our primary concern and focus. the way we go through these issues that is, we have dodd-frank, let's start with g20. apogee 20 level there's broad agreement about what needs to be done with respect to the derivatives markets, and it's been reemphasized and we commit to by the g20, including the united states over and over again. it's the valley of clearing but it's the valley of transparency and trade reported that its the valley of collateralized in positions itself for the given ever high level of agreement and we worked after every country, individual regulatory regimes and legislative processes. one of the challenges is, frankly, the mismatch in time to dodd-frank was passed really before legislation anywhere else i
the united states over and over again. it's a value clarin, value transparency straight reporting. it's the value of collateral a thing and marketing positions and so forth. so given the very highest level agreement, we were tempter every country's individual regulatory regimes to legislative processes. one of the challenge is frankly the mismatch and timing. dodd-frank was pastor for anywhere in the world. the japanese are the closest behind us and we set about to do as congress has directed us to implement the regulatory regime. regulators are working together extremely well. it's a huge component of our job to try to coordinate and collaborate to the greatest extent possible, understanding we have different underlying legal regimes in different underlying processes. to give you specific examples, chairman gensler from the cftc and i have cohosted to very detailed working sessions with principal regulators of derivatives markets around the world in the past year. all have our next session in early november. we're trying to work through the details about a regulatory regime looks lik
much more aggressively, as well as additional pressure from the united states. he argues that he will enable the rebels in syria to arm themselves more effectively, to go up against the iran-backed regime of assad who has been crushing rebels and killing civilians. and mr. romney said he will link relations with egypt, now led by pot morsi of the muslim brotherhood, what has been described virulent anti-west and says our relationship will be based on trade, something mr. romney said should be much more aggressively policed and pursued, free trade and fairer trade with china. those really the only major distinctions emphasized today and outlined in terms of specifics from mr. romney. shep? >> shep: carl cameron live in virginia. as i mentioned, president obama's team was responding to governor remain knee's speech -- romney's speech before he gave it. after he spoke, a spokeswoman for the president said, this is somebody who leads with chest pounding rhetoric. he is inexperienced and the american people have serious questions about whether he's prepared to be commander in chief. t
're the president of the united states and he didn't. >> governor romney's strategy shows the softer side, appearing cool, careful and measured and tended to attack center left. >> we can't kill our way out of this mess. we don't want another iraq. we don't want another afghanistan. that's not the right course for us. attacking me is not an agenda. attacking me is not talking about how we'll deal with the challenges in the middle east. >> willing to say anything about anything at any time to close the deal. it is running for president of the united states. >> so you don't believe he wants the troops out in 2014? >> i believe he wants to say whatever it takes to get him elected. >> snap polls and pundits given the final debate victory to president obama but tactically is it too little, too late? >> can president obama impose a price on mitt romney for that? can he hold his feet to the fire and win that argument so possible the audacity of etch will work? >> well, i think that the problem for the obama campaign is the first debate. >> even if they can just knock that back a little bit in terms of the
common ground with the president of the united states. and the entire president's team all day long has been ridiculing. you would think that if someone reaches out to you that you should reach back. no wonder we have to many problems in washington. >> eliot: rick, there is no question when you have moments of agreement, you want to stand up and shout out of sheer joy. on the other hand, there is an element you have to concede of the romney campaign that has been the etch-a-sketch the flip-flop, all of the metaphors where the change in both tone and in substance begins to make you think and wonder what he does consider as core policy because with respect to afghanistan, for instance, he's been harshly critical of the president and last night, it was the same -- same policies president has described. i could not find a meaningful point of disagreement. i have to wonder why criticism so harsh until yesterday. you have to admit that creates a little cognitive dissidence for those of us who have been watching this. >
to the united states of america. i was tired of losing jobs to china. now we have a car and we have a project to put these cars all over the world. denmark has made a major purchase. dominoes has made a major purchase. we have our military who will give them these mini cars to get to the base every day. >> gavin: what about the cars that are rolling out. >> much cheaper. it's bigger than a smart car. it's a electric smart car. you plug it in at home in your home outlet, which helps a lot. we're called mini v. you don't take them opposite the highways. i drive it every day and back three miles, it's perfect for that. >> gavin: what do you think that electric cars have not scaled. we have been talking about electric cars. they shuttered the technology. we've seen our foreign competitors, we're playing a little catch-up in the united states. why hasn't the electrical taken off. >> i think it's the cost. 80% of the cost of my car is the lithium battery. every year they're cheaper more powerful and condensed. it's a beautiful car, but it was $100,000. a lot of people say, well, i would love to do
. it is also similar to the fact that vans and vehicles we have seen used in the united states and overseas are extremely dangerous and deadly and cause tremendous damage. in the 1993 world trade center bombing, it got into the building and to the packing -- parking levels and the floors pancaked. the f.b.i. found out who was responsibility. in this case the federal reserve bank, there would not be a way to get into the packing area. this is a guarded facility where they --. >>neil: we do not know how close he got but he had 1,000 pounds explosive material it would do some damage to that building and others. >>guest: i know that area very well having worked there many years. liberty street intersecting broadway and going through the financial district. whatever would happen through the canyons of glass and steel you would feel it physically and literally down the halls and down to the stock exchange with some damage incurred depend on the size of the device. >>neil: these are narrow streets and clustered together. thank you. the target was the new york federal reserve bank. that may sound l
for the united states or candidate for president, you don't want to be laughed at. so this is a great way to put a point on something that these last swing voters weren't so aware of. but they'll process it and they'll process it as a trust issue, and they'll process it as he's out of the main stream, and that's why he is switching his positions. >> jennifer: yeah, i love it too. i love that it becomes part of the social media universe as well.% let's go to the polls because romney holds the lead in national polls, and president obama is holding it in the states. do you think the election ends up shaping up to be something like gore v bush potentially all over again where the electoral college and the popular vote may split? >> i think it could. romney is very, very strong in the south. he is going to roar out of the south are very very substantial margins, which could give him the popular vote but he isn't very popular in the swing states. if you are a state that hasn't seen very much advertising, and you don't realize the argument against romney you are forming
now and headed straight for the united states. it is really two storms that are about to come together as a super storm. this one is cat 2 hurricane about to merge with a winter storm one expected to blast the east coast with heavy rain, possibly snow under the worst possible time. full moon, high tides with 35-foot waves. right now hurricane sandy and so big, people will feel the impact from florida all the way to maine. here is a look at the storm from space. just along the coast more than 40 million people are in its path but meteorologists predict as far as inland ohio could feel it. they say it could cause a billion dollars in damage or more but nobody knows what to expect as one forecaster to expect, we don't have many modern precedence for what the models are suggesting. hurricane sandy has crashed into cuba and killed two people in the caribbean and now on track to hit the united states within days. folks in miami beach are already feeling the winds all over south florida. sandy peeled the roof off the apartment building. white house officials have briefed the president and eme
, would not hear out his contender. but for a sitting vice president of the united states, to act as though he holds a younger challenger in total contempt, you have to wonder for voters in their 20s and 30s who had ever been treated like that by somebody older than him, how it made them feel to see paul ryan be jeered at by an incumbent vice president of the united states. i know that the vice president was trying to show that he was tough and would attack, but his countenance did not match up with the moment. megyn: i think you've hit on an interesting point. having anchored this broadcast for several years, the things that affects viewers more than anything else is one to two participants talk over each other. they don't like the debates, they like a fiery debate and a robust back and forth, but they get upset when one person won't let the other person speak. we saw mitt romney very aggressive with president obama last week. you know, trying to have the last word and make a final point. and it didn't seem to me that he disabled barack obama's ability to be heard. did we see som
the stage in boca raton florida. one, president of the united states the other wants to be president of the united states. one knew what he was talking about on foreign policy. the other didn't have a clue! but one thing for sure on that stage last night we only saw one commander in chief. yes, obama wins round three of the presidential debate hands down. we'll get into it every which way here for the next three hours but first today's latest, the current news update from lisa ferguson out in los angeles. hi lisa, good morning. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. if you are asking yourself who won last night's presidential debate you probably weren't watching. president obama came out with a strong and aggressive performance against mitt romney on foreign policy. the first instant poll from cbs shows 53% of undecided voters say president obama came out on top, just 23% say toward romney. but there are some differing opinions out there. according to cnn poll, only 40% of viewers say romney won but 60% say he is ready
have voted for sanctions starting when i first came to the united states congress on iran. you have your facts wrong. i did, indeed, on two occasions -- >> four. >> you are incorrect. believed that there was a prospect in iran for regime change from within. many of those who look at the region carefully saw that there were hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy protesters who took to the streets and stood up to a ahmadinejad and the ayatollah khomeini. and i felt that very important that we send a message to those people that we wanted them to succeed in regime change from within, especially when we are talking about stakes as high as sending wisconsin young men and women into harm's way, i would sure rather see that regime change happen from with in. you have probably read the same histories i have. they were brutally beaten back by the iranian government. i think we missed an opportunity for regime change there. it so we had to go back to the tactics of crippling sanctions, crippling sanctions. that is where we are right now. i want to add one thing. i was so disturbed after havin
they're authentic and not. look, andrea, running for president of the united states is about earning the trust, earning the trust of the american people or the citizens of the state of ohio. governor romney has raised serious questions about whether or not he can be trusted based on what he said over the course of the last three debates completely inconsistent with what he's been saying during the republican primaries over the last year quite frankly over the last six years he's been seeking the presidency. >> if you win ohio, do you win the presidency? >> i think it's -- puts us in a good path to do that, but as chris was pointing out and mark pointed out we're working hard in every battleground state. we feel good about each of the battleground states i was in north carolina last weekend, i'm going to north carolina this weekend. we've raised actually registered hundreds of thousands of voters in the state of north carolina. early voting has begun in all of these states. early voting has been strong. i think on -- from our perspective. we have the best ground game. knowing the pres
the dependence of the united states on fossil fuels. in 1984, he urged all of our american leadership to understand the complexity, challenges, and the volatility of circumstances in the middle east. i believe america would be a better place had george become president of the united states. [applause] that does not mean his campaign was a failure. far from it. the 1972 campaign opened up a political process. it confused a new generation the belief in what eleanor called the politics of the impossible. it was that kind of politics at george earned the enormous respect, that crossed the aisle, and transcended party lines. and along with it, enormous achievement. there are children today -- and jim mcgovern mentioned it -- the children today in the world living and have better lives because of what george and bob dole did together. [applause] on the surface, george mcgovern and i should be poles apart, senator dole what said. after all, he is a liberal democrat and i am a republican of the conservative stripe. he ran for the senate as i was chairman of the party. i believe our positions
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